North Shields – Our Rooms

Our Hedgehogs are babies from 6 weeks to 2 years old.
In this area your child will be cared for in a safe, floor based environment which combines stimulation with rest and play. We have a very relaxed approach and follow your little ones home routine as closely as possible to ensure no great changes from home to nursery life occur and the transition is as smooth as possible. Children can freely access the low level resources and have a free choice throughout their day. We have our cosy area to snuggle in for a story or just to simply relax in. Our staff closely observe all children to find out their interests and use these to enhance children’s learning and to provide new, fun experiences to explore.

Our Butterflies are toddlers aged 2-3 years old.
This is a spacious room with various areas for children to explore, learn and develop in. These include ‘role play area’, ‘messy area’ and ‘cosy corner’. Children are able to freely access toys and resources of their choice while also being encouraged to engage in adult led experiences to enhance their learning. We ensure children have the opportunity to grow and develop in a fun and happy environment where they can thrive with confidence. Children tend to follow nursery routine and enjoy quiet time or a nap following their routine at home.

Our Badgers are our pre-school children aged 3 and over.
We recognise the crucial need to ensure children are ‘ready for school’. During their time in the Badgers, your child will begin to follow a more structured routine, however we remain flexible and supportive in ensuring they are prepared for mainstream school, developing their independence further and ensuring they are confident in their transition. Daily experiences and activities provided by our staff will ensure children are taught the essential skills within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, in a very fun way.

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Your child will have their own key person who will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure our care can meet all your family’s needs and to communicate your little one’s development.

Throughout the nursery all children have their own online learning and development journal, as well as daily diary to ensure parents and staff can communicate effectively and efficiently.

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to complete our planning. This looks at the diverse needs of children, therefore meeting the individual needs of all children and allowing them to develop at their own pace. You play a key role in your child’s development and learning and we will actively work in partnership with you. We invite you to share all knowledge about your child and to provide ideas for activities and planning. The topics we are following and the activities we will be enjoying are displayed on the notice board in the room. We explore various activities from cereal sensory trays, to water play, to outings. A small parent friendly summary is available on the parents notice board but please feel free to ask any questions regarding the activities and experiences your child is involved in.